landscapes of Europe

Landschaften in Europa



to get the realistic  perspective of the paintings you need to step away from your pc screen five to ten steps while looking at them

much fun!



Um die volle Perspective der Bilder zu genießen entfernen  Sie  sich zwei bis drei Meter  von ihrem


viel Freude!

Picos de Europa
Picos de Europa Naturschutzgebiet Spanien

Picos de Europa Spain  natur  reservation for Bears and Wolves

Atlantic Ocean at Santander/Spain
lac de Gendrexange France
Schifferkanal Nordfrankreich Loraine/Lothringen
Stockweiher Nordfrankreich
Stockweiher am Abend
Etang du Coucou les Voges France LÄRMSCHUTZGEBIET!

in this forest no noise is alowed

only trecking

no radio or any sound source is allowed to take with

natural sound reservation


Waldweiher Vogesen Frankreich
Ganggrab Dolmen Frankreich Bretagne
Nordsee Watt
"Tanit" IBIZZA
IBIZZA la Calita
IBIZZA Playa da Rossas
Hagebuttenstrauch vor der Argela Italien Toscana
Backofen der Argela Toscana
winter in Italy Toscana in the mountains
Zöbeln Tirol Östereich Regentag in den Bergen
Zöbeln alte Zollstation Tirol
Hof des Worchbauer Hochfeistritz Östereich
Gebetsbildstock Hochfreistritz Östereich
Kuhweide und Rittersporn Furchweiler Saarland Germany
Die Wadrill Gehweiler Saarland Deutschland
die Wadrill Erlen am Ufer
Birken im Wind Saarland St Wendel
alte Pyramidenpappel

vielen Dank für ihren Besuch!

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A business consortium, backed by regional government, is threatening the continued, precarious survival of the Cantabrian brown bear or Oso pardo (Ursus arctos), already catalogued as in danger of extinction in Spain. An unsustainable project to build a ski resort in an important corridor of access for the last remaining bears in the region of the San Glorio pass in the Cordillera Cantabrica mountains of Northern Spain may still be given approval. Spanish law courts recently vetoed a large-scale type of project but a smaller, just as threatening project could still be put forward. Relatively low altitude and regular windy conditions would ensure the need for water-draining, artificial snow machine use. The local population will not get rich on the occasional weekend of piste skiing a year whilst destroying habitat of bear, Iberian wolf, Capercaillie, Marsh fritillary and Apollo butterflies, among others of the area's natural wildlife and beauty - it's main attraction. (This peti... more

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