No one chooses to be an orphan, no parent wants to die to live his kids to suffer may God bless you all.

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We believe the way this project is worked out is worth our support and attention for a better life of these children and by doing so, also a little bit for each of us for a more happy and soustained future to us all.

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At this page we introduce you a little about the daily work in the orphanage and the life of the children, their needs, their teachers and caregivers and their progress .If you are interested in more information or direkt help you can contact the orphanage yourselves any time to make sure your help and support will be arriving directly at the orphanage.



I am the CEO of child to child orphanage and servant of the most high God looking after 40 children in the orphanage seeking for help for their facilitation .

Kindness is like a boomerang...toss it out there and watch it return ~

The freedom to be happy should belong to all of us!

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Child to child Orphanage

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